ONLINE VOTING for 6th Ward Dems: Props S & W; 6th Ward Democrats Treasurer

Thank you to folks who joined us in person and online at the Carpenter Branch Library this Thursday for our General Membership Meeting & Issues Forum. We live-streamed it on our Facebook page, and you can view it there at any time.

Ald. Daniela Velázquez provided legislative and policy updates from the Board of Aldermen. The executive director of the Metropolitan Sewer District gave a presentation on Proposition S and Proposition W, both of which will be on our ballots for the April 2, 2024 municipal election. Prop S & Prop W propose a bond issue and property tax increase for the Metropolitan Sewer District (MDS) to address Clean Water Act compliance and erosion/flooding issues. The ballot language can be found here. The MSD website has helpful details, including cost breakdowns of both propositions, on their website:

Online voting is now open for three matters:
Yes/No on endorsing Prop S on the April 2 ballot
Yes/No on endorsing Prop W on the April 2 ballot
Election for Treasurer of the 6th Ward Democrats


Eligible voting members will be able to cast an endorsement vote on both propositions and our board treasurer. Cast your vote here

We have a multi-step process to determine a member’s eligibility to vote while also protecting the member’s privacy by keeping a secret ballot. If you’d like to help in future endorsement and board member elections, we’d love to have you!

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.