Interested in joining the new 6th Ward Democrats?  We would love to have you involved.

Our membership application and dues payment are available online via ActBlue here.

If you would prefer to apply and pay dues in person, please contact us.


To be eligible to vote on all matters other than endorsement, a member must meet the following criteria (per our bylaws):

  1. Is a Democrat
  2. Is registered to vote in the new 6th Ward in the City of Saint Louis
  3. Has submitted a membership application to the new 6th Ward Democrats
  4. Has paid their annual dues to the new 6th Ward Democrats (currently set at $10)
  5. Has not publicly supported or endorsed a candidate of a party other than the Democratic Party in the past 12 months
  6. Is not a member of any other ward organization in the new 6th Ward (expiring membership in the former Democratic ward organizations is acceptable during this transition period)


To be eligible to vote on our endorsements, a member must be a Voting Member (see above) and meet the following additional criteria:
  1. Have been a member of the organization for a minimum of 90 days prior to the endorsement meeting; and
  2. Have attended at least three (3) 6th Ward Democrats meetings or sponsored activities (as designated by the Executive Committee) within the previous 12 months. The current endorsement meeting does not count;


Any Democrat who has submitted a membership application and paid their annual dues but is not eligible to be a voting member.